All about FLEGT Week


What is the objective of FLEGT Week?

The objective of FLEGT Week is to convene actors with an interest in FLEGT to discuss the implementation and future of the EU FLEGT Action Plan.

Who organizes FLEGT Week?

FLEGT Week is organized by two directorates of the European Commission: Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development and Directorate-General for Environment. FLEGT Weeks have been organized regularly since 2005.

Who can participate in FLEGT Week?

Participation is by invitation only. This year there is a special focus at FLEGT week on the EU FLEGT Action Plan. Due to the limited space at the event venue, many practitioners supporting FLEGT initiatives could not be invited this year. Their contributions to the Action Plan are important and FLEGT Week organizers look forward to their participation in future events.

How is FLEGT Week 2015 different than previous FLEGT Weeks?

This years' event is the ninth annual FLEGT Week. Usually, FLEGT Week focuses primarily on enhancing coordination of EU-funded projects and on sharing lessons learned, with emphasis on VPAs. Recognizing the opportunities presented by the ongoing Evaluation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan to consider larger questions about FLEGT, this year's event will:

  • Consider all elements of the EU FLEGT Action Plan and a broader scope of political and technical issues
  • Involve a wider spectrum of stakeholders from civil society, private sector and governments from about 40 timber producing and consuming countries
  • Provide more opportunities for interactive discussion about issues that could influence the future of FLEGT and the EU's larger efforts to foster forest governance, combat illegal logging

Where can participants find more information about the event?

Visit this website to get the latest about the preparation of the event, including the evolving FLEGT Week 2015 programme.

Can participants select the sessions of FLEGT Week they want to attend?

Yes. And, to help us plan, participants can express their interest in particular seminars by participating in an email survey. Participants will also be able to register for particular training sessions. Watch for e-mails from us. 

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Key information


Date: 16-19 March 2015

Location: Brussels

Language: English, French and Spanish, with simultaneous translation. 


Accomodation: list of recommended hotels 

Venue: Centre Albert Borschette, Rue Froissart 36, 1040 Brussels

For a guaranteed access to the venue, please be sure to bring with you: Passport or ID, invitation letter and E-pass.