Liberia and the EU review progress in VPA implementation

Liberia and the European Union held the second meeting of the Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) in Monrovia on 10-12 June 2015.

The objective of the meeting was to jointly review implementation of the Liberia-EU Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA), take stock of the effects of Ebola on implementation and agree on priority activities.

The JIC discussed issues including:

  • Milestones in the development of the timber legality assurance system
  • Further strengthening of the legal framework and law enforcement
  • Recent developments and challenges in the sector, including community forestry management agreements and transfers of timber revenues to communities

Liberia and the EU were happy to acknowledge that the Ebola crisis has not derailed the VPA process, although it has generated significant delays. The parties were pleased to see that all stakeholders and support projects have fully remobilised.

Participants also discussed the synergies between the VPA process and the intended cooperation between Liberia and Norway on REDD+ and agriculture.

A more detailed report on the JIC meeting is available in the aide-memoire. The next JIC meeting is scheduled for the third week of November 2015.