All about the Vietnam-EU Voluntary Partnership Agreement

About 45% of Vietnam's land area is forested, and the country has a key role in processing in the timber sector in Southeast Asia. Vietnam imports timber from some 80 countries – in recent years main suppliers have included Cambodia, Laos, China, the US and Malaysia. Domestic plantation timber is increasingly used in the production of timber products and for the export of woodchip. Vietnam’s wooden furniture exports mainly target environmentally conscious markets in the EU, the US and Japan.

The Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) between the EU and Vietnam entered into force in June 2019. Vietnam is now working on regulations needed to implement the country's timber legality assurance system.

VPA status

Detailed information on efforts by Vietnam and the EU to tackle illegal logging through a Voluntary Partnership Agreement.

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Get answers to some common questions on the Vietnam-EU Voluntary Partnership Agreement.

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