Priming the ports: Reports on testing import procedures for FLEGT-licensed timber now available

The EU FLEGT Facility has just made available a report on the testing of export and import procedures for Indonesia's timber and timber products. The report is titled ‘V-Legal/FLEGT shipment test – Lessons learned from the EU visits'.

As part of the EU–Indonesia VPA, the two governments organised a shipment test of SVLK, Indonesia's timber legality assurance system, to identify any issues hindering the efficient processing of export and import documents and the future flow of FLEGT-licensed timber products from Indonesia to EU member states.

Authors Gunther Hentschel and Emily Fripp of Efeca point out several instructive findings. For example, a ship will often change destinations en route or a shipment will change ownership while at sea. When this happens some information in the FLEGT licence no longer matches the actual shipment, which could lead to delays in customs clearance. The report, available here, provides recommendations for its findings.

Three presentations also summarise lessons learned from the shipment test:

V-Legal/FLEGT Shipment Test: Procedures Responsibilities for processing FLEGT licences in the EU
Key lessons from the V-Legal/FLEGT Shipment Test
V-Legal/FLEGT Shipment Test: Key lessons from processing FLEGT licences in the EU