FLEGT Factsheet: FLEGT licensed timber



  • Some 1.6 billion people – more than 20% of the global population – depend on forests for food and livelihoods. Source: FAO, 2015 and UN World Population Prospects, 2017
  • Half of all plants and animals on the planet live in forests. Source: Rainforest Foundation
  • Forests regulate water supplies and climate, are the source of many medicines, and help prevent floods and droughts. Source: European Environment Agency, 2015
  • 15 tropical timber exporting countries are negotiating or implementing FLEGT agreements with the EU. These countries account for 80% of the global tropical timber trade. Source: IMM, 2016 
  • Of the EUR 3.78 billion of tropical wood products imported into the EU in 2017, 21% were FLEGT-licensed products from Indonesia. Source: IMM / Eurostat, 2018
  • FLEGT licensed products comply with laws relating to worker safety, taxation, sustainability, and fair benefits for local communities. FLEGT licensing brings social, economic and environmental gains in producer countries. More information: www.timberbuyers.flegtlicence.org