Ghana-EU joint assessment



Ghana and the EU are undertaking a joint assessment of the legality assurance system that is outlined in the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) on FLEGT between Ghana and the EU. The assessment is an independent review of all five aspects of Ghana’s legality assurance system. These are the legality definition, control of the supply chain, verification, licensing and principles on independent monitoring procedures. The criteria of the assessment are available in Annex VII of the VPA

The two parties have chosen for an iterative approach to undertake the assessment. This means that the assessment team will review the systems and note any crucial points for improvement. These will be addressed and the assessment team will then do another review. This approach allows for continuous improvement of the systems throughout the duration of the assessment where this is found to be necessary. 

The joint assessment will inform Ghana and the EU whether or not there are any further crucial points for improvement. This information will support the two parties in their decision when to start FLEGT licensing.

An independent team of experts will conduct the assessment.