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Guyana and the EU concluded the third Voluntary Partnership Agreement negotiation session

Guyana and the EU held the third formal VPA negotiation session on 16 April in Georgetown. Technical discussions focused on a variety of topics including: product scope, legality definition,...

Guyana to conduct additional stakeholder consultations on the VPA

Guyana is organising stakeholder consultations in addition to those originally planned, following its second VPA negotiation session with the EU, held in Brussels on 18 July.

Preparations begin for Guyana's second VPA negotiation session

VPA negotiations between Guyana and the European Commission are moving ahead, with two formal videoconferences having taken place since negotiations began.

Guyana and the EU begin Voluntary Partnership Agreement negotiations

The first VPA negotiation session between Guyana and the European Union was held 5 December 2012 in Guyana’s capital Georgetown.

Guyana and the EU start negotiations on a Voluntary Partnership Agreement

The VPA will help ensure that only timber verified to be legal under Guyana law can be exported to the EU.

Guyana suggests to negotiate a VPA on legal timber

The Government of Guyana has suggested to the European Union to start negotiating a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA), which will help ensure that only timber verified to be legal under Guyana...