News archive 2014


Indonesia issues revised TLAS regulations and meets with EU to discuss next steps to FLEGT licensing

Indonesia issued two new regulations,P.43/Menhut-II/2014 on 19 June andP.5/VI-BPPHH/2014 on 14 July, revising the national timber legality assurance system (TLAS), known in Indonesian as Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK). The new regulations outline easier procedures for small and medium sized enterprises to trade in legal timber and improve the coordination of all actors involved in the TLAS. They also differentiate, and in parts tighten, the legality standards, link the legality standard to Indonesia's sustainability standard and clarify that all harvesting and processing industries must be SVLK certified.

The regulatory revisions are based on national and regional consultations, the results of the first independent Indonesia–EU assessment of the SVLK conducted in 2013 and the Indonesia–EU Action Plan on advancing VPA implementation. 

Representatives of the EU and Indonesia discussed the new SVLK regulation during a joint expert meeting in Jakarta on 18 July, with support from the EU FLEGT Facility. It was agreed to:

• establish the joint implementation committee (JIC)
• revise the VPA annexes to align them with the new SVLK regulations
• start the second independent joint Indonesia–EU assessment of the SVLK in September 2014
• establish a working group on monitoring the effects of the VPA.

On 27 and 28 August, Indonesia and the EU identified sections of the VPA annexes that may require revision to align them with the revised SVLK regulations and to respond to the findings and recommendations from the first phase of the joint TLAS assessment, which was carried out in 2013. Indonesia also began discussions on VPA impact monitoring. These two key issues will be on the agenda of the first JIC to be held on 24 September.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Forestry's website for its timber legality information system, known as SILK.