News archive 2013


5th Joint Experts Meeting held in Malaysia

The Government of Malaysia and the EU met for the fifth Joint Experts Meeting (JEM 5) in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, from 12 to 14 March to discuss technical details of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement.

The main focus of the meeting was Sabah's revised timber legality assurance (TLAS) tables. Sabah revised its TLAS tables to incorporate comments made at the fourth JEM, held 22–24 January, and feedback received from stakeholder consultation on 27 February. This version was further revised during JEM 5. Also at JEM 5, Sabah presented a draft of its Annex on Information for Public Disclosure (Annex 7). This annex, which will form part of the VPA between the EU and Malaysia, sets out what information will be available to the public and the means by which the information can be accessed. Peninsular Malaysia presented its Annex on Information for Public Disclosure during JEM 4.

The revised TLAS tables for Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and the public disclosure document for Sabah were also presented at the 11th National Stakeholder Consultation in Kuala Lumpur on 28 March.

All stakeholder consultation reports and TLAS documents are available online at the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities' dedicated FLEGT-VPA website for Peninsular Malaysia. Similar documents for Sabah will be made available on Sabah's FLEGT website when it has been launched.