Vietnam TLAS Working Group visits Indonesia on Study Tour

In early March, members of the Viet Nam Timber Legality Assurance System (TLAS) Working Group participated in an Indonesian study tour to learn about the design and implementation of the national TLAS system. Initial meetings with the Ministry of Forestry, private sector representatives, civil society groups and audit companies provided an overview of Indonesia's SVLK, which was complemented by visits to a community forestry cooperative as well as primary and secondary processing companies in Java.

To build on insights gained in Indonesia, on 15-16 March a follow up TLAS learning event was organised in Viet Nam. Members of the TLAS Working Group visited export wood product manufacturers in Binh Duong Province of Viet Nam, to learn from examples of sourcing and wood tracking controls applied within the national industry. This was followed by a Brainstorming Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, providing the Working Group with an opportunity to discuss ideas and concerns offered by enterprises, auditors and local supply chain experts.