Needs Assessment for the EU–China Joint Training Course on FLEGT undergoes peer review

A peer review meeting of a needs assessment to look into the EU – China Joint Training Course was attended by 15 representatives of government agencies, universities and related organisations. The review was held at the People's University of China (Renmin University) on 16 September.

The Needs Assessment Study, contracted by FLEGT Asia to Renmin University, had targeted key stakeholders that would be affected by the FLEGT Action Plan. The results showed that only a few Chinese enterprises have prepared appropriate approaches to meet the new market requirements. During the meeting, the importance of training and outreach was emphasised, not only to enterprises, but also to industry associations, government departments, research institutions and international organisations working in China. It was also said that the administration welcomed such analyses and studies of international forest products policy trends and developments, as a means of helping Chinese enterprises respond appropriately to reduce trading risks and business losses. An integrated sector-wide mechanism for communications and consultation for awareness-raising was proposed, and green procurement was advocated.