Forest Matters Published

Looking back at the 2011 International year of the forests, EFI's EU FLEGT Asia Regional Programme has launched in November "Forest Matters", a one-time magazine dedicated to forests and forestry issues in Asia.

"Forest Matters" brings together a wide range of accessible, forest related stories from countries such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. In Cambodia, set around the mystic ruins of Angkor Wat, the links between archaeology and forestry are explored. The magazine also explains how the Government of bomb-ridden Laos, together with responsible companies, provides a safe working environment at tree plantations. And it looks into forest governance in Asia and what has happened 10 years after the groundbreaking Bali Declaration.

Researchers provide answers to pressing questions. What drives illegal logging? Who are affected? What does it cost? And what are the latest trends?

Clear explanations of the current policy tools, including FLEGT, REDD+ and the EU Timber Regulation are provided. How do these tools work? And how are they linked? Experts give their views and real-life examples.

And we hear the voices of the people on the streets in Asia. What do forests mean to them? And what do they expect their forests to be like in two generations? Read what people from all walks of life have to say.

"Forest Matters" includes stories on livelihoods, biodiversity, community forestry, climate change, mediation, competing land uses and trade. Using the voices of researchers, conservationists, forestry experts, community leaders and timber traders across the region, it relays diverse points of view from Asia and beyond on the topic of forests and forestry-related issues.

Originally published in English, the magazine will also be launched with language versions for Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. A digital version of the magazine can be found here.