FLEGT Week 2015: FLEGT and REDD+ linkages, the Report

FLEGT Week 2015 was a unique opportunity to reflect on the full scope of the EU FLEGT Action Plan, including but not limited to VPAs and the EU Timber Regulation, learn from the achievements and challenges, and discuss technical aspects of FLEGT. It took place on 16-19 March in Brussels. 

Below you will see the highlights of the side event: FLEGT and REDD+ linkages, that took place Wednesday 19 March, from 14:30 to 16:00.


  • Interactions between FLEGT and REDD+ are increasingly being documented and understood, and first country-level experiences on linking FLEGT and REDD+ are starting to emerge.
  • Experiences from DRC, Ghana, Guyana and Vietnam show the diversity of interactions between FLEGT and REDD+ processes.
  • A good understanding of both processes and of their overlaps is necessary to trigger joint efforts and ensure economies of scale for improving land use governance and law enforcement.  
  • As FLEGT and REDD+ processes are contributing to similar development objectives, a coherent policy framework is needed at the national and global levels to address illegal logging and other drivers of deforestation.


Moderator Jussi Viitanen, EU FLEGT and REDD facilities


  • Phuc Xuan To, Forest Trends

  • Adeline Dontenville, EU REDD Facility

  • Christophe Van Orshoven, EU REDD Facility

Reporter Christophe Van Orshoven, EU REDD Facility

Keywords FLEGT, REDD+, linkages, intersect, links, governance, deforestation