Chinese timber industry and rosewood producing countries hold first meeting on rosewood imports

China, the world's largest importer of rosewood, invited leaders from government and industry to meet with representatives from seven rosewood producing countries to share experiences and to enhance cooperation on the legal trade in rosewood.

The Chinese timber industry audience learned about rosewood trade flows between China and rosewood producing countries, laws and policies in rosewood producing countries, the need to educate Chinese timber consumers on legality, sustainability and social issues surrounding the rosewood products they buy and timber legality requirements mandated by China's export markets. 

The discussion was part of a workshop on legal and sustainable trade and investment held in Shanghai on 25–26 March. Over the two days, Chinese policy makers and timber industry representatives met with representatives from government, industry and civil society organisations from 12 countries.

During the second part of the workshop, participants discussed their experience with the existing guidelines for Chinese enterprises working on forest trade and investment in other countries. Chen Yong of the Center for International Forest Products Trade of China's State Forestry Administration introduced a new guideline framework.

The participants reviewed the framework, suggested improvements to meet the needs of business and discussed options for a monitoring system to evaluate the implementation of the guidelines.