Cameroon increases transparency in the forest sector

The VPA implementation process continues in Cameroon with an emphasis on developing procedures to make information on the forest sector publicly available. This commitment is outlined in Annex 7 of the VPA and builds on a previous analysis led by civil society groups. The work, coordinated by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) with the support of private sector and civil society representatives, has resulted in the first release of information on the MINFOF dedicated webpage. Implementing the transparency commitment will continue through 2014. 

Other elements of the VPA implementation process in Cameroon are ongoing such as the tendering process for developing the information system that underpins the legality and traceability of timber products in Cameroon (known as SIGIF - Système informatique sur la gestion de l'information forestière) and the studies carried out by the independent auditor to assess the compliance of documents associated with permit allocation and to develop a baseline for seized timber.