Independent evaluation of Indonesia’s legality assurance system gets underway

The independent evaluation of Indonesia's timber legality assurance system (known as the SVLK) was officially launched on 16 April. A team of four consultants has been appointed by EFI and the UK co-funded Multi-stakeholder Forestry Programme, or MFP, to assess whether the system's structure and operation meet the requirements set out in the VPA.

The first phase of the assessment was closed on 7 May during an EU-Indonesia meeting, at which the team's schedule and methodology were validated, initial outcomes were discussed and the timing of the next phase was set. Consultants reported some key observations based on their desk review, and they will validate their findings through field visits to four Indonesian provinces. The team informed Indonesian stakeholders about the approach in a meeting in Jakarta on 10 May.

The joint evaluation is expected to be completed before the ratification of Indonesia's VPA with the EU later this year. The Joint Implementation Committee between the Government of Indonesia and the EU Delegation to Indonesia will use the results of the evaluation to determine the timing for the formal start of the FLEGT licensing scheme in Indonesia.