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Indonesia and the EU sign pact to end exports of illegal timber

The Government of Indonesia and the EU signed a Voluntary Partnership Agreement to ensure that only legally verified timber is exported from Indonesia to the EU. The full press release can be read here.

The European Union and the Government of Indonesia today announced a new agreement aimed at stemming the flow of illegally harvested timber.  

In concluding their negotiations, the leadership of the EU and the Government of Indonesia made clear their commitment to jointly respond to the problem of illegal logging and related international trade; they also linked the implementation of a new Indonesian system for ensuring that timber has been legally harvested to recent legislation that will prohibit the importation into the EU of illegal timber and timber products.

Once signed by the two parties, both sides must ratify the agreement, which is expected to take about nine months.

A Briefing Note to inform the public about the VPA has been prepared by European and Indonesian experts in English and in Indonesian.

Further details on the agreement and the timber trade between Indonesia and Europe can be found here