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EU-Liberia VPA signed

The EU-Liberia Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) was signed in Brussels on the 27 July 2011. More information on the Agreement can be found here.

Mme Comfort Swengbe, Liberia's Charge d'Affaire in Brussels, Ambassador Tombinski, the Polish Ambassador representing the EU Presidency and Luis Riera, the lead negotiator representing the European Commission, signed the Voluntary Partnership Agreement in Brussels today, July 27, 2011.

By early 2014, all shipments of wood products to the European Union from Liberia will be required to carry a license certifying their legal origin. The VPA underpins Liberia's ongoing forestry reforms, driven by the Government's commitment to good governance and to ensuring that natural resources contribute to sustainable development. The agreement also gives European consumers the assurance that wood products imported from Liberia, including furniture and wood chips used for bio-fuel, are of legal origin. The Agreement comes in result of the strong mutual commitment to eradicate illegal logging and to bring more transparency to the timber trade.