News archive 2011


Baseline Study China published

As part of FLEGT Asia's information collection role, a number of Baseline Studies have been undertaken in the region. The first study, undertaken by Forest Trends, has just been published: Baseline Study 1, China: Overview of Forest Governance, Markets and Trade.

Some of the findings of this study include:

  • Imports of forest products at historic high in 2009
  • Shifts in the structure of China's industry
  • Domestic production in 2008 reached its highest peak in history
  • Exports of forest products decreased by volume, but barely decreased by value
  • Chinese domestic markets are the new target of China's forest products industry
  • China's main export markets increasingly require legal verification
  • China depends on imports for more than 50% of its supply, much of it from developing countries with or forest governance records
  • China's domestically produced timber is considered generally low-risk
  • Rise of the paper industry

The full version of the report is available in English and Chinese.