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Honduras gears up for second round of VPA negotiations, welcomes FLEGT Facilitator

The Honduras Forest Institute has been intensifying its efforts to improve stakeholder representation for the country’s VPA negotiations with the EU.

Côte d’Ivoire VPA roadmap and summary of first negotiations available online

The summary report of the first VPA negotiation session between Côte d’Ivoire and the EU and the VPA roadmap created during the negotiations in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire on June 20-21, 2013 are now...

Guyana to conduct additional stakeholder consultations on the VPA

Guyana is organising stakeholder consultations in addition to those originally planned, following its second VPA negotiation session with the EU, held in Brussels on 18 July.

Workshop builds understanding of VPAs in Myanmar

The EU and Myanmar’s Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry held a workshop on the EU FLEGT Action Plan in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, from 16 to 18 July.

NGOs in Lao PDR attend workshop on FLEGT

Village Focus International held a workshop in Vientiane on 21 June to inform non-profit organisations working in the south of the country about the EU FLEGT Action Plan.

India’s timber industry calls for government support on EU Timber Regulation compliance

The timber industry in India has called for the Indian government to help businesses to comply with the requirements laid out in the EU Timber Regulation.

China’s agencies work with private sector on forest governance and industry standards

China’s agencies have been working with enterprises at home and abroad on forest governance and industry standards with technical support from international organisations.

Côte d’Ivoire and the European Union launch VPA negotiations in Abidjan

Working together to strengthen legally verified timber exports from Côte d’Ivoire to the European Union, negotiations for a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) between the two parties began...

EU FLEGT Facility news released

The April and May 2013 issue of the EU FLEGT Facility newsletter has been released in English and French. Click here to subscribe to our bimonthly newsletter.

VPA negotiations in Honduras get underway

VPA negotiations between Honduras and the European Commission have started with a formal videoconference.

Preparations begin for Guyana's second VPA negotiation session

VPA negotiations between Guyana and the European Commission are moving ahead, with two formal videoconferences having taken place since negotiations began.

European statistics on timber trade track imports from VPA countries

Eurostat has published trade data on wood products imported to the European Union from countries that are negotiating or implementing a VPA.

Thailand to start VPA negotiations with the EU

Thailand will soon begin negotiating a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the European Union.

EU programme used to offer regional support of VPAs in Africa

The EU is using its regional programme ECOFAC 5, which focuses on fragile ecosystems, to promote FLEGT throughout the Economic Community of Central African States.

Joint Implementation Committee agrees on work plans for implementing the VPA in Congo

The first meeting of the Joint Implementation Committee of the Republic of the Congo and the EU took place on 30 April, following technical discussions.

Independent evaluation of Indonesia’s legality assurance system gets underway

The independent evaluation of Indonesia’s timber legality assurance system (known as the SVLK) was officially launched on 16 April.

EU FLEGT Facility News released

The February and March 2013 issue of the EU FLEGT Facility newsletter has been released in English, French and Spanish.

Thailand formally requests VPA negotiations with the EU

The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially requested the commencement of negotiations of a Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the EU.

VPA negotiations in DRC focus on legality definition

As negotiations continue for a VPA between the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the EU, the teams are holding monthly video-conference meetings to discuss annexes to the bilateral agreement.

5th Joint Experts Meeting held in Malaysia

The Government of Malaysia and the EU met for the fifth Joint Experts Meeting (JEM 5) in Malaysia from 12 to 14 March to discuss technical details of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement.
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