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Legal timber trade with EU can be big business for small companies in Cameroon

For small and medium enterprises in Cameroon’s forest sector, trade with the vast EU market is a prized target. But small companies often face big challenges. Growing market demands for...

Cameroon and the EU release 2014 report on VPA progress

Cameroon  and the EU have released a  joint report  on progress in implementing the Voluntary Partnership Agreement in 2014. The report describes progress made with the timber...

Cameroon’s multistakeholder working group maintains momentum on VPA implementation

The joint implementation committee in Cameroon has set up a working group with members from a broad spectrum of stakeholders to move the VPA process forward.

VPA practitioners from central Africa share their achievements in public information in the forest sector

Forest and environment officials from five central African countries gathered in Douala, Cameroon, to share their experiences of developing and implementing the public information requirement noted...

Cameroon and the EU release 2013 report on VPA progress

Cameroon and the EU have released a joint report on progress in implementing the Cameroon-EU VPA in 2013. Based on the 2013 work plan of the joint implementation committee, the report...

Cameroon increases transparency in the forest sector

The VPA implementation process continues in Cameroon with an emphasis on developing procedures to make information on the forest sector publicly available.

Cameroon–EU reports on VPA progress available in English and Spanish

Cameroon and the EU are reporting every year since 2010 on progress towards implementing the VPA.

Joint implementation committee outlines priorities for Cameroon’s VPA

The joint implementation committee for the VPA between Cameroon and the EU has outlined a priority action plan for implementation of the VPA throughout 2014. The committee agreed on the action plan...

Cameroon and the EU report on VPA progress

Cameroon and the EU have released two joint reports on progress in implementing the Cameroon-EU VPA.

Committee reviews Cameroon’s progress in certification and anti-corruption

Cameroon’sprogress in implementing its VPA with the EU was reviewed by the Joint Implementation Committee during a meeting in July, attended by Minister of Forests and Wildlife Ngole Philip Ngwese...

EU programme used to offer regional support of VPAs in Africa

The EU is using its regional programme ECOFAC 5, which focuses on fragile ecosystems, to promote FLEGT throughout the Economic Community of Central African States.

Priorities set for VPA implementation in Cameroon

The implementation of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement in Cameroon is underway, with Cameroon and EU stakeholders considering the top priorities for 2013.

Cameroon to focus on ‘certificate of legality’ in 2013

At the third meeting of the Joint Implementation Committee in Yaoundé in late November, the EU and Cameroon evaluated the progress of VPA implementation and agreed on priorities for this year.

Cameroon’s working group on corruption and the VPA holds its first meeting

Cameroon’s newly formed working group on corruption and the VPA met for the first time in December to analyse corrupt practices that could affect VPA implementation.

EU-Cameroon trade agreement ensures timber legality

The European Union (EU) and the Government of Cameroon announced a trade agreement