Officials from China discuss legal timber trade with tropical wood suppliers from the Pacific region

Two officials from China's State Forestry Administration attended the seventh Executive Forest Policy Course: Forest Policies for the 21st Century in Fiji from 12 to 23 May. They discussed China's timber trade policy, its efforts against illegal logging and the guidelines China is developing for Chinese timber enterprises operating overseas.

In bilateral discussions with representatives from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, both sides agreed to continue the dialogue and to regularly exchange timber trade information.

In all, 22 participants from nine countries attended the training course, which focused on the analysis, formulation, development and implementation of forest policies. Participants shared their national and international forest policy experience and methods.

The Asia-Pacific Forest Policy Think Tank of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN, the Secretariat for the Pacific Community and the Asia-Pacific Association of Forestry Research co-organised the meeting.