EFI publishes the Governance Research Agenda for FLEGT

The Governance Research Agenda for FLEGT, whose purpose is to support the aims of the EU FLEGT Action Plan, is now available. The research agenda aims to provide an integrated picture of medium- to long-term priority areas for governance research to the FLEGT community, including research-funding organisations in the EU and internationally.

This agenda is the product of nearly two years of broad consultations among academia, policymakers and practitioners, with contributions from well over 300 people. The agenda presents a set of prioritised key research questions, organised into themes that are broadly consistent with the goals of the FLEGT Action Plan, such as forest governance, illegal logging and deforestation, and markets, trade and economic development, among others. For each theme, it provides a justification of the topic, a description of the research gaps and a list of specific topics in need of research.

The research agenda is available here. It will soon be also published in French and Spanish. 

Also, it will be available in print at the Chatham House meeting 'Illegal Logging Update and Stakeholder Consultation Number 21' on 7-8 February.