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New briefing on VPAs, land-use governance and NDCs

New briefing on VPAs, land-use governance and NDCs

The EU FLEGT and EU REDD facilities have released a briefing exploring how VPAs, REDD+ and Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) initiatives offer opportunities for the forest and land-use sectors to contribute to achieving national climate change objectives and improving forest governance.

Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) are among the measures of the EU FLEGT Action Plan, which aims to tackle illegal logging by improving forest governance and promoting trade in legal timber products. NDCs outline the climate action that countries plan to take post-2020 to accomplish the emission reduction goals set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement. In addition to forestry and land use, they incorporate a broad range of sectors including energy, waste and transportation. As the key framework to guide national climate policy, NDCs offer a platform that could be used to raise the profile of forest governance in climate debates.

The briefing also highlights the fact that few NDCs have outlined how they will achieve their climate commitments. Both VPA and REDD+ processes have significant experience in establishing participatory national processes, increasing institutional accountability, linking supply and demand, and monitoring progress. This experience and lessons learnt can help inform NDC processes. Finally, the briefing underlines the importance of knowledge exchange between countries, donors and stakeholders.

Download FLEGT VPAs and Nationally Determined Contributions. Also available in French Les APV FLEGT et les contributions déterminées au niveau national

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