News archive 2013


Companies exporting timber products to the EU, United States and Australia receive legality training

TRAFFIC and WWF's Global Forest and Trade Network provided training on timber legality in Russia, China and Indonesia in October with additional sessions to be run in November. 

The aims of the training programme were to give companies that export timber products a clearer understanding of international timber market requirements and to offer practical strategies, tools and mechanisms to reduce their risk of exporting illegal timber.

The training in Russia was held in Saint Petersburg on 9 October. In China, the training was held in Jiangsu Province, which is a centre for the plywood and wood flooring industries, many of which are SMEs that export their products to the EU. Training sessions in Jiangsu took place in Nanxun on 15 October and Pizhou on 17 October. 

During these training sessions, the new market requirements for the timber industry were discussed, including VPAs, the EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT licensing. 

The training in Indonesia took place in Surabaya on 7 November, with the involvement of the Government of Indonesia. Government representatives gave a presentation on their VPA with the EU and the timber legality assurance system that underpins it.