Indonesia posts draft regulations on timber legality assurance for comments

The Government of Indonesia invites comments until 15 May on its draft revised SVLK regulations to be issued in June this year. SVLK stands for Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu, Indonesia's timber legality assurance system. The draft regulations are building blocks for the Indonesia–EU VPA. The revisions draw upon the results of the 2013 independent SVLK evaluation jointly conducted by Indonesia and the EU, the subsequent Indonesia-EU action plan to advance VPA implementation and multistakeholder consultations held in February and March 2014. The drafts will undergo further review during a public workshop in Bogor, Indonesia, on 6–7 May.

Drafts of the revised regulations can be viewed or downloaded through the menu link ‘Download/Regulation' (Unduh berkas/Peraturan) at the Ministry of Forestry website for its timber legality information system, SILK. The announcement of the posting is here and a direct link to the page for downloading regulations is here. 

Indonesia–EU action plan

SILK website