FLEGT Week 2015: Information sessions on FLEGT progress and achievements, the Report

FLEGT Week 2015 was a unique opportunity to reflect on the full scope of the EU FLEGT Action Plan, including but not limited to VPAs and the EU Timber Regulation, learn from the achievements and challenges, and discuss technical aspects of FLEGT. It took place on 16-19 March in Brussels. 

Below you will see the highlights of the information sessions on FLEGT progress and achievements. This session provided and overview of progress under each of the seven pillars of the EU FLEGT Action Plan. 


  • There has been significant progress under the EU FLEGT Action Plan on Voluntary Partnership Agreements, support to producer countries, public procurement policies, private sector initiatives and the EU Timber Regulation.

  • Progress on conflict timber and on finance and investment has lagged behind action on other aspects of the Action Plan.

  • Research by Chatham House indicates a slowing of progress on forest governance reforms.

  • The independent market monitoring baseline report highlighted changes in the global trade since the beginning of the Action Plan.


Moderator Hans Stielstra, Head of Global Sustainability, Trade and Multilateral Agreements, DG Environment, European Commission


  • Bernard Crabbé, Team Leader Forestry Sector, DG International Cooperation and Development, European Commission
  • Robert Simpson, EU FAO FLEGT Programme
  • Duncan Brack, consultant
  • Nils Petersen, GD Holtz, German Timber Trade Federation
  • Mark Gregory, FERN
  • Thorsten Hinrichs, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany
  • Rune Henriksen, Project LEAF
  • Alison Hoare, Senior Research Fellow, Energy, Envrionment and Resources Department, Chatham House
  • Rupert Oliver, Lead Consultant for IMM, International Tropical Timber Federation  

Reporters Marketta Juppi, EU FLEGT Facility and Michela Tagliaferri, European Commission

Keywords Progress in the EU FLEGT Action Plan elements, initial impacts