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The EU and Laos conclude the third formal negotiation towards an agreement on combating illegal logging and promoting trade in legal timber products

The European Union (EU) and Laos held their third round of face-to-face negotiations on a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT). The talks...

Responsible trade in tropical timber: exporting and importing countries explain the actions they are taking

Representatives from tropical timber exporting and importing countries discussed responsible trade in timber at a session during the Asia-Pacific Forestry Week in Incheon, Korea on 19 June 2019.

Le Congo et l’Union européenne adoptent les outils de mise en œuvre de leur Accord sur l’exploitation forestière illégale

La République du Congo et l’Union européenne (UE) ont adopté un plan quinquennal pour la mise en œuvre de leur Accord de Partenariat Volontaire (APV) visant à enrayer l'exploitation forestière...

Congo and the EU adopt tools to implement their Agreement on illegal logging

The Republic of Congo and the European Union (EU) have adopted a five-year plan for the implementation of their Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) aimed at eliminating illegal logging.

Highlights of EC conference on tackling deforestation and illegal logging

Highlights of EC conference on tackling deforestation and illegal logging On 21-23 June 2017, the European Commission met with stakeholders from across the world to discuss future work on...

EC conference on deforestation and illegal logging – follow live online

EC conference on deforestation and illegal logging – follow live online On 21-23 June, the European Commission welcomes in Brussels stakeholders from around the world to discuss the way forward...

Vietnam and the EU agree in principle on FLEGT VPA

After nearly six years of negotiations, the European Union and Vietnam have agreed in principle on a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) to improve forest governance, address illegal logging and...

The EU and China are combatting illegal logging through a Bilateral Coordination Mechanism

The EU and China are combatting illegal logging through a Bilateral Coordination Mechanism Want to learn about the EU and China’s joint efforts to combat illegal logging? The EU FLEGT Facility...

Council of the EU adopts conclusions on FLEGT Action Plan

On 28 June 2016, the Council of the European Union adopted conclusions on the independent evaluation of the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan and the review of...

Summary on combatting illegal logging released

The EU has released a summary of the publication Lessons from the EU FLEGT Action Plan.

VPA countries visit China to share lessons on combating the illegal timber trade

Representatives of several countries with VPAs have visited China to share their experiences with Chinese policy makers and timber industry leaders.

Legality of Chinese timber imports and exports discussed in manufacturing cities in China

TRAFFIC International has held a series of workshops in plywood and flooring manufacturing centres in China to inform industry leaders about legality verification, sustainable forest management and...

Thailand and EU announce the start of VPA negotiations

The Kingdom of Thailand and the EU have officially begun negotiations for a VPA, as confirmed in an announcement on 11 September.

Summary of the recent illegal logging meeting at Chatham House available

The 21st Illegal Logging Stakeholder Consultation and Update Meeting was held at Chatham House on 7 and 8 February 2013, bringing together around 250 representatives from government, civil society...

Australian legislation to combat global illegal logging passes through Parliament

Australian legislation prohibiting the importation of illegally logged timber products has now passed through Parliament.

The 4th Forest Governance Forum to take place mid September in Kinshasa

The Forum presents an opportunity to catch up on national and international developments and share thoughts and experiences.

Malaysian Minister urges timber exporters to be mindful of new market requirements

During the first anniversary dinner of the Malaysian Timber Industry Forum Association (TIF) Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Tan Sri Bernard Dompok said that Malaysian timber...

EUTR perspectives - New EFI article series

If you think illegal harvesting of wood is only taking place in developing countries, or in China or Russia, then you have it wrong.

UN adopts historic 'land grab' guidelines

The United Nations has adopted global guidelines for rich countries buying land in developing nations.

ITTO workshop on Timber Tracking Technologies

A workshop on timber tracking technologies was organised by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) with collaboration and co-funding from the Government of Japan, the Malaysian...