Timber Importers and Retailers Only Buy Legal or Better from Indonesia

From September 1st 2011 members of the NZ Imported Tropical Timber Group (NZITTG) will only import or sell timber from Indonesia that has credible verification of legality, as a first step towards sustainability.

This is a significant commitment from the NZ Imported Tropical Timber Group (NZITTG), whose membership is made up of the major timber importers and retailers in New Zealand. The timber importers account for over 80% of the importation and sale of tropical timber products in New Zealand.

The move came about due to concerns that some of the timber imported into New Zealand is suspected to be illegally harvested2, meaning that the trees are felled in violation of national laws or that the loggers are extracting more timber than authorised or have obtained their logging concessions illegally. Illegal logging has negative impacts on the community and the environment and leads to the degradation or loss of natural habitats.

For more information, see:

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