News archive 2012


Strengthening of TLAS Linkages in Peninsular Malaysia

A Consultation on Mechanisms to Strengthen Coordination for the Implementation of Malaysia's Timber Legality Assurance System (MYTLAS) was organised by the Protem Secretariat for the Malaysia - EU FLEGT VPA and held in Kuala Lumpur on 17 January.

A total of 66 participants attended from a range of Ministries, the Forestry Departments of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, Labour Departments, Occupational Safety and Health Institutes and Customs, as well as the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB), the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) and the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC). Following several presentations the group discussed progress with the system and made the following recommendations:

• That Malaysia should move ahead with the implementation of the system in order to be seen to support the trade of legally sourced timber and timber products. 
• That the MYTLAS should be treated as a living document which could be improved through experience of implementation, increased resources and potentially, the application of new technologies. 
• That the system/process be designed to accept inputs from stakeholders from time to time.