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Report on Australia´s Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill 2011 has been published

The Australian Senate Standing Committee for Rural Affairs and Transport has published a report with the results of an inquiry into Australia's Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill 2011 (the Bill).

The report looks into the background and context of the bill, as well as the provisions. This is followed by a list of conclusions and recommendations, both from the committee as well as from several political parties and senators.

The committee concludes that there is a broad support for the bill. In addition, the committee notes that the markets for wood and wood-based products are in the process of rapid change. Australia's housing and construction, interior fit-out, and secondary wood processing industries are increasingly dependent on imported timber and wood-based raw materials, including an increase in the import of manufactured products of uncertain origin.

At the same time the committee realises that timber exporting countries face a number of complex challenges in ensuring the legality of exported timber. As such, the committee is of the view that consultations on this issue should be undertaken through continued bilateral cooperation with timber exporting countries in the region, and through multilateral engagement on forestry through existing forums. This will be complemented by Australia's non-regulatory capacity building programmes aimed at combating illegal logging.

The committee recommends that the Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill 2011 be passed.

These and other relevant findings on the development of the Bill can be found here