Contenu avec l'étiquette legality assurance system .

Ghana reports progress in verification procedures and timber tracking system

Ghana and the EU reconfirmed their commitment to the VPA process in Ghana during the sixth session of the Joint Monitoring and Review Mechanism (JMRM) in Accra on 19–22 November.

Ghana and the EU report VPA progress

Ghana and the EU have published the third annual report on VPA implementation.

Independent evaluation of Indonesia’s legality assurance system gets underway

The independent evaluation of Indonesia’s timber legality assurance system (known as the SVLK) was officially launched on 16 April.

VPA negotiations in DRC focus on legality definition

As negotiations continue for a VPA between the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the EU, the teams are holding monthly video-conference meetings to discuss annexes to the bilateral agreement.

Lessons learned from Liberia's timber tracking system

PROFOR, the Program on Forests, has summarised the achievements and lessons learned from the PROFOR project that assisted the development of Liberfor, Liberia’s chain of custody system.

Meetings and workshops held in Vietnam to support VPA progress

A recent series of meetings and workshops held in Vietnam demonstrates progress in the country’s Voluntary Partnership Agreement process.

Cameroon to focus on ‘certificate of legality’ in 2013

At the third meeting of the Joint Implementation Committee in Yaoundé in late November, the EU and Cameroon evaluated the progress of VPA implementation and agreed on priorities for this year.

Guyana and the EU begin Voluntary Partnership Agreement negotiations

The first VPA negotiation session between Guyana and the European Union was held 5 December 2012 in Guyana’s capital Georgetown.

EUTR perspectives - The producing country view

Achmad Edi Nugroho, Indonesian Co-Director of the Multi-stakeholder Forestry Programme and Andy Roby, MFP UK Co-Director and FLEGT VPA Facilitator: "High expectations – The producing...