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Highlighting Guyana’s progress under FLEGT

The EU FLEGT Facility recently published three stories to coincide with the EU and Guyana initialling their Voluntary Partnership Agreement on forest law enforcement, governance and trade.

Combating illegal timber trade: Promoting sustainable development and good governance

How can trade policies promote and support governance reforms in developing countries so that forest resources contribute to sustainable development? A panel discussion on the FLEGT initiative...

Study identifies options for legal timber legislation in China

A summary report of the Feasibility Analysis of the Incorporation of Timber Legality Requirements into Chinese Laws or Regulations to Promote Trade in Legal Forest Products has been published.

FLEGT Week 2015: Governance seminar, the Report

FLEGT Week 2015 was a unique opportunity to reflect on the full scope of the  EU FLEGT Action Plan , including but not limited to  VPAs  and the  EU Timber Regulation , learn...