FLEGT Week 2015

What is FLEGT Week?

The Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan of the European Union was launched in 2003 to combat illegal timber and strengthen forest governance. FLEGT Week 2015 is a unique opportunity for the EC and its partners to reflect on the full scope of the Action Plan, including but not limited to VPAs and the EU Timber Regulation, learn from the achievements and challenges, and discuss technical aspects of FLEGT.

What is the objective of FLEGT Week?

The objective of FLEGT Week is to convene actors with an interest in FLEGT to discuss the implementation and future of the EU FLEGT Action Plan.

Who organises FLEGT Week?

FLEGT Week is organized by two directorates of the European Commission: Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development and Directorate-General for Environment. FLEGT Weeks have been organised regularly since 2005.

Outcomes of FLEGT Week 2015

Below you will see links to reports on daily sessions with stories, photographs, videos and presentations.


FLEGT Week 2015: Timber legality assurance systems, the Report

FLEGT Week 2015 was a unique opportunity to reflect on the full scope of the EU FLEGT Action Plan, including but not limited to VPAs and the EU Timber Regulation, learn from the achievements and challenges, and discuss technical aspects of FLEGT. It took place on 16-19 March in Brussels. 

Below you will see the highlights of the thematic seminar: Timber legality assurance systems, that took place Wednesday 18 March, from 9:00 to 12:30.


  • TLASs are country-specific systems of checks and balances, and can comply with VPA frameworks while being built according to different models 
  • TLASs are learning systems and build on continuous multi-stakeholder processes
  • Take into account costs, capacity, existing systems and the needs of small and medium enterprises when building TLASs
  • Enhance learning within and across countries, including links to private certification schemes in order to maximize lessons learned
  • Strong governance is the foundation of a culture of compliance which supports and enables investment and simpler systems of control 


Moderator Alexander Hinrichs, EU FLEGT Facility


Session 1: Implementing TLAS - The countdown for FLEGT licensed timber

  • Agus Sarsito, Ministry of Forestry Indonesia
  • Raphael Yeboa, Forestry Commission Ghana
  • Richard Nsenkyire, Samartex
  • Mardi Minangsari, civil society representative Indonesia
  • Luca Perez, European Commission DG Environment

Session 2: Streamlining TLAS - What VPAs can learn from other approaches

  • Francoise van de Ven, Fédération des Industrielle du Bois
  • Anand Punja, UK Timber Trade Federation
  • Martin Mbongo, Cameroon, Administration
  • Gemma Boetekees, Forest Stewardship Council
  • Mardi Minangsari, civil society representative Indonesia
  • Francois Busson, European Commission DG DEVCO
  • Sebastian Schrader, EU FLEGT Facility

Reporter Melissa Othman, EU FLEGT Facility

Keywords Legality assurance, control, verification, traceability, credibility, VPA