EC conference on deforestation and illegal logging – follow live online

EC conference on deforestation and illegal logging – follow live online

On 21-23 June, the European Commission welcomes in Brussels stakeholders from around the world to discuss the way forward on tropical deforestation and illegal logging. The Illegal Logging and Deforestation conference will take stock of progress and explore opportunities for impactful future action.

Forest stakeholders can follow the proceedings via a live webcast, and on Twitter using the hashtag #TDIL17.

The conference is in two parts. Part one — on illegal logging and the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan — will take place on 21 and 22 June (morning only).

The objectives will be to share the recommendations of the independent evaluation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan, to discuss the European Commission’s draft working paper towards a FLEGT work plan, to discuss experiences and lessons learnt in implementing the Action Plan, and to identify ways to increase the impact of FLEGT.

While illegal logging for the timber trade remains a significant challenge, the main cause of tropical deforestation today is forest conversion for agriculture – also often illegal.

The second half of the conference will therefore focus on addressing tropical deforestation, and will take place in the afternoon of 22 June and all day on 23 June.

The objectives will be to present issues regarding deforestation and forest degradation worldwide, to discuss initiatives from governments, private sector and civil society organisations to address deforestation, and to exchange views on opportunities for EU action — such as through FLEGT or through a new EU action plan on deforestation.

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