Central African Republic

All about the CAR-EU Voluntary Partnership Agreement

The Central African Republic has around 5.4 million hectares of forest, which is less than 10% of its total land area. However, the forest sector contributes around 4% of GDP and 40% of the country's export earnings. The Central African Republic exports timber to Europe, China and North America and within Africa.

The Central African Republic has signed a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the EU. The aim of the VPA is to improve forest sector governance by clarifying and simplifying management rules, ensuring increased transparency and use of public information, and respecting the rights of indigenous peoples and local resources.

The country is developing the systems needed to control, verify and license legal timber. It will use these systems for timber and timber products exported not only to the EU, but also to other destinations worldwide.

VPA status

Detailed information on efforts by the Central African Republic and the EU to tackle illegal logging through a Voluntary Partnership Agreement.

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Find out what impact the Voluntary Partnership Agreement between CAR and the EU is having on the ground.

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