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Voluntary Partnership Agreements show promise in reducing poverty

In her research, Dr. Mary Hobley has found Voluntary Partnership Agreements to be an interesting instrument for poverty reduction. Watch a new EFI video of her presentation at the Illegal Logging Update and Stakeholder Consultation No 19 held at Chatham House in London in February 2012.

The video, which runs under 20 minutes, captures highlights from the study done by Dr. Mary Hobley and Dr. Marlène Buchy, which was commissioned by the EU FLEGT Facility. It brings to light the multidimensionality of poverty and lists the subsequent conditions for poverty reduction in forests. The researchers found that the FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) processes and content include elements that make it possible to address poverty. 

Dr. Hobley takes us through the ways these elements can be turned into social safeguards and concludes that VPAs are posing an exciting opportunity – they bring together the right ingredients for alleviating poverty and securing forest people's livelihoods.