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Updated TFT Briefing notes on EU Timber Regulation and EU FLEGT Action Plan

TFT has published updated versions of its EU Timber Regulation and the EU FLEGT Action Plan briefing notes.

The EU Timber Regulation note explains a number of concepts mentioned in the Regulation, including the Due Diligence System, monitoring organisations and competent authorities. It also elaborates on the entry into force date, who is liable under the Regulation, which products will be covered and what the penalties are. Read the full briefing note here.

The EU FLEGT Action Plan note gives an overview of the Plan and its different measures. It explains the Voluntary Partnership Agreements and how they relate to the EU Timber Regulation and other measures under the FLEGT Action Plan. Furthermore, the note describes the progress in the different VPA countries. Read the full briefing note here.

These and other relevant briefing notes can also be downloaded from TFT's website