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Priorities set for VPA implementation in Cameroon

The implementation of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement in Cameroon is underway, with Cameroon and EU stakeholders considering the top priorities for 2013.

Ghana VPA Briefing Paper 1

Ghana’s Entry into a Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the EU Treaties, conventions and protocols governing international trade in specified commodities are becoming common. This is fuelled by...


Ghana VPA Briefing Paper 2

The VPA Process Ghana’s preparation for the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) commenced in May 2005 when a multi-stakeholder consultative forum resolved that there was merit in pursuing the...


Ghana VPA Briefing Paper 3

The VPA – Consolidating the Gains in Governance As Ghana’s preparatory process for signing the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the EU draws to a close, other angles to the process are...


Ghana VPA Discussion Paper 1

This discussion paper is meant to stimulate thinking on the broader implications of the VPAs from the perspective of the producer country. It is showing the effort to be made in matching the...