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Centrafrique et UE rendent compte des progrès effectués en 2017 dans le cadre de leur APV

La République Centrafricaine (RCA) et l’Union européenne (UE) ont publié leur rapport annuel conjoint sur la mise en œuvre en 2017 de leur Accord de partenariat volontaire (APV).

CAR, EU report on VPA progress in 2017

The Central African Republic (CAR) and the European Union (EU) have released a joint report on progress in implementing their Voluntary Partnership Agreement in 2017.

Cameroon and the EU release 2017 annual report on VPA progress

Cameroon and the EU have released a joint report on progress in implementing the Voluntary Partnership Agreement in 2017.

To legality and beyond — new resource for timber buyers on benefits of FLEGT-licensed products

Timber buyers can now visit a new website to learn about the business benefits of trading in FLEGT-licensed timber and the social, environmental and economic benefits that such trade brings to...

How Ghana’s drive for legal timber is boosting worker safety

The EU FLEGT Facility has published a multimedia story reporting on moves in Ghana to improve safety in the timber sector as part of the country’s efforts to ensure its timber meets national laws...

Women in Indonesia’s wooden furniture sector: the trailblazers

Women are at the forefront of a shift towards legal timber sourcing in Indonesia’s furniture-making capital, Jepara.

EU and Indonesia mark 2nd anniversary of FLEGT licensing

This month, Indonesia and the EU marked the second anniversary of a major milestone in their partnership against illegal logging — the launch of the world’s first ‘FLEGT’ licensing scheme,...

South-east Asian countries share progress on timber legality

Representatives of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), ASEAN member States and the European Union (EU) met in Thailand in July to share progress under national and regional efforts...

EU, China and Africa explore ways to work together in their forestry cooperation

At the International Workshop on China-Africa Sustainable Forest Ecosystem Management, participants from Europe, China and Africa discussed synergies among green finance, China’s engagement in...

Indonesia and EU celebrate one year of certified legal timber trade

Indonesia and EU have held a conference to celebrate the first anniversary of the scheme licensing certified legal timber products that Indonesia exports to the EU.

Resource materials: Fourth training workshop on timber legality assurance in South East Asia

Resource materials   ASEAN timber trade, customs and timber legality: Scoping study Combating Illegal Logging: Lessons from the EU FLEGT Action Plan Video: The Story...
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