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EU, China and Africa explore ways to work together in their forestry cooperation

At the International Workshop on China-Africa Sustainable Forest Ecosystem Management, participants from Europe, China and Africa discussed synergies among green finance, China’s engagement in...

MI VPAU: EU stakeholders

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EU stakeholders

This section of VPA Unpacked describes the main groups of European Union (EU) stakeholders in a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) process, the roles they play and the outcomes they seek.

Companies exporting timber products to the EU, United States and Australia receive legality training

TRAFFIC and WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network provided training on timber legality in Russia, China and Indonesia in October with additional sessions to be run in November.

8th annual meeting of FLEGT projects shows shared commitment to combatting illegal logging

The EU remains fully committed to leading global efforts to fight illegal logging through the implementation of the FLEGT Action Plan.

Countdown to the EU Timber Regulation

On 3 March 2013, the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) comes into force to stop the distribution of illegally logged timber in the European Union.