Current activities

Under the Bilateral Coordination Mechanism on Forest Law Enforcement and Governance, the EU and China are:

  • Supporting the setting up of new legislation in China by facilitating policy dialogues and information exchange between China, the EU and VPA countries on the promotion of legally-sourced timber and timber products
  • Supporting the further development of the Chinese Timber Legality Verification System (CTLVS), taking into consideration EU experiences with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and in countries negotiating or implementing FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs)
  • Working on a China-Indonesia-EU trilateral dialogue on stopping the trade in illegal timber and timber products. The EU and China are examining the trade in forest products between Indonesia and China and exploring how Indonesian FLEGT licensed timber could be recognized as legal timber in China
  • Bringing Chinese policymakers and industry stakeholders together with stakeholders in countries with VPAs, to increasing understanding of the work those countries are doing
  • Maintaining a Common Information Window, with both Chinese and English versions, where private sector operators in China and the EU can access information on market requirements
  • Discussing and providing inputs to the implementation of the Guide on Sustainable Overseas Forests Management and Utilisation by Chinese Enterprises and the Guide on Sustainable Overseas Silviculture by Chinese Enterprises.
  • Publishing  a yearly report on China’s timber trade flow with EU and VPA countries
  • Establishing a China-Africa dialogue on forest governance and synergies between China and FLEGT


Previous activities under the BCM 

Under the Bilateral Coordination Mechanism on Forest Law Enforcement and Governance, the EU and China have:

  • Published an introduction to China’s Timber Legality Verification System (CTLVS) in English
  • Analysed the feasibility of developing policies to promote legally-sourced timber and timber products in China; read the summary 
  • Improved information exchange and policy dialogue on the trade in timber and timber products between China and neighbouring countries. The two parties have conducted research on the timber trade between China and Myanmar, taking into consideration EU initiatives on FLEGT. The primary outcomes of the study are available in Burmese, Chinese and English. Stakeholders on both sides of the China-Myanmar border discussed the initial findings of the study at meetings in Kunming, Yunnan, China, in April 2015 and in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, in September 2015
  • Conducted exchanges between China and VPA countries, such as organised study visits of cross-sector delegations of Chinese officials to Indonesia in 2016 and Vietnam in 2017
  • Analysed the circulation and processing in China of timber harvested in the Russian Far East to the point of export to the EU; a study and policy recommendations on the flow of Russian hardwood are being finalised
  • Conducted a review of investment and the timber trade between China and the six countries that have signed Voluntary Partnership Agreements with the EU; the report is available in English and the related briefing is in English and Chinese
  • Conducted a training course with the Chinese Academy of Forestry on setting up monitoring and evaluation components on the Chinese guidelines on silviculture and sustainable forest management overseas
  • Organised meetings with Russian and Chinese stakeholders to discuss the cross-border timber trade between the two countries
  • Raised awareness in the Chinese private sector of the requirements of the EU timber market
  • Supported capacity building for key stakeholders in China on forest governance, and regional and international FLEGT activities
  • Supported meetings of private sector representatives in the EU, China and timber-producing countries to talk and share information
  • Conducted a joint study on the impact of the EU Timber Regulation on small and medium-sized enterprises in China
  • Conducted a baseline study to develop an overview of forest governance, markets and trade in China, in English and Chinese

Visit to Shanghai Fu Ren Timber market during the 7th BCM Meeting in March 2016.